W poszukiwaniu polskiego modelu ekonomii społecznej Administrator: FISE EQUAL


Foundation for Social and Economic Initiatives (FISE) – Project administrator, in charge of coordinating activities aimed at drafting recommendations for the social economy, organizing training workshops for the employment services about the application of social economy tools (approaches and methods); maintains the secretariat of the Permanent Social Economy Conference (SKES).

Bank for Socio-Economic Initatives (BISE) – – is responsible for analyzing models for financing social economy initiatives, with particular focus on the role of the banking sector, and for identifying the best solutions to satisfying the financial needs of social economy initiatives.

Association for the Forum of Non-Governmental Initiatives (FIP) –– is responsible for monitoring the accessibility of EU funds to social economy organizations and the implementation process of structural funds in Poland, and is drafting related reports and recommendations.

Institute for the Development of Social Services (IRSS) – – is responsible for training social workers in ways of incorporating the social economy into their work, reviewing the Local Strategies for Resolving Social Problems in terms of their potential to apply social economy tools (methods and approaches), as well as for developing recommendations for reforming the social assistance system in order to incorporate the principles of social economy.

Civil Society Development Foundation (FRSO) –is responsible for setting up sessions of the Seasonal Social Economy School, facilitating the creation of social economy consulting teams, providing technical support to selected social economy organizations, and for facilitating cooperation with the business sector.

Klon/Jawor Association (KLON) –) – maintains a database of social economy organizations, coordinates quantitative and qualitative studies of the social economy sector (including monitoring of and support to 50 social economy projects and 10 local communities selected as case studies in the project), drafts social economy manuals and is administering the portal www.ekonomiaspoleczna.pl.

The Małopolska School of Public Administration Cracow University of Economics (MSAP) – initiating post-graduate studies in social economy, establishing a regional social economy centre for the region of Malopolska, leading demonstrative projects in Malopolska region, publishing a quarterly about SE.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MPiPS) – is working on the inclusion of social economy principles to strategic social policy documents of the central government and is looking for good social economy practices for inclusion into National Action Plan for Social Integration/National Social Security/Protection Strategy.

Network of Information and Support for Non-governmental Organizations SPLOT (SPLOT) – is responsible for running regional social economy information centres and is analysing the cooperation between social economy organizations and the local governments (the “Cooperation Barometer” Survey)

United Nations Development Program Representation in the Republic of Poland (UNDP)is involved in working out a system of social economy indicators, promotes the social economy under the Global Compact Initiative by establishing cooperation with the business sector.

The Project is supported by the European Social Fund under the EQUAL Initiative of the European Union.