W poszukiwaniu polskiego modelu ekonomii społecznej Administrator: FISE EQUAL

Transnational Partnerships

The Project will benefit from the know-how and expertise of our Transnational Partners who will contribute to a number of activities, including joint research, analyses, support tools for social economy initiatives, and mainstreaming and information sharing.

Our Partners focus on improvements in the functioning of selected social economy areas in their home countries, based on previously identified barriers and obstacles.
For example, research made in the South East regions of the UK indicated a lack of entrepreneurial culture in the public sector, existence of several regulatory barriers and a regulatory barriers and a lack of awareness of models and opportunities for social enterprise sector development in the region. In Tuscany (Italy), employment had been on the rise in the third sector over the past years, but at the same time a growing demand for a better management in social enterprises was reported along with the need to establish new small businesses and improve the quality of their services. In other Italian regions, efforts are underway to assess the requirements of social economy enterprises for cooperation with a broadly defined environment of these enterprises. The focus of these efforts is primarily on ensuring a better mutual understanding and relationships between social economy enterprises and lending/financial institutions.

It should be reminded at this point that the Italian legislation served as the main source of inspiration for the regulation of the Polish social economy sector, while the relationships between the civic society and the public administration are modelled on the British solutions.

The Partnership for Development – Searching for a polish model of the social economy – includes two Transnational Cooperation Agreements., with two transnational partnerships: The Third Angle (TTA) and Social Economy Body of Knowledge (SEBOK).

The Project is supported by the European Social Fund under the EQUAL Initiative of the European Union.