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Social Economy Body of Knowledge - SEBOK

The Italian-Polish Partnership is looking for approaches to develop and implement a common method of documenting, gathering and structuring the social economy body of knowledge. The focus is on legislative and regulatory structures of the social economy, its financial infrastructure, and the strategic relationships between the social economy sector and public administration, business entities and public opinion.

Partnership goals and activities :
1. to establish an overview (a structured body) of social economy legislative and regulatory solutions (to strengthen the process of mutual learning based on a critical review and discussions of the ways to overcome regulatory barriers),
2. to present the role of the financial environment of social economy (building a body of knowledge to enhance mutual understanding and improve cooperation between the social economy sector and lending institutions),
3. to propose solutions regarding strategic social economy issues, to integrate the social economy sector (across partner countries and regions), and to build relationships with the public administration, market players and the public opinion.

The Social Economy Body of Knowledge (SEBOK) International Partnership is implemented jointly with the Italian FINANZA IN Partnership.
The Partnership is managed by:
Consorzio Farsi Prossimo Soc. Coop. Sociale
Via Ponale 2,
Angolo Fulvio Testi
20162 Milano
T: +39 02 66114432
F: +39 02 66103072
email: equal@farsiprossimo.it

SEBOK Partnership Secretariat
Ufficio Europa
Caritas Ambrosiana
Via S. Bernardino 4
I - 20122 Milan
T: +39 02 76037269/266
F: +39 02 76021676
email v.caimi@caritas.it
Advertere srl
 Via Dante Alighieri, 97
I - 09128 CAGLIARI
T: +39 348 5850230 (Mobile)
F: +39 178 6038376 
email: roberto.doneddu@advertere.net

More in-depth information on Partnership’s activities and the budget are detailed in the TCA Agreement and will be available on the Internet at: www.sebok.eu (page under construction).

The Project is supported by the European Social Fund under the EQUAL Initiative of the European Union.