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The Project includes research on institutions in the social economy sector in a broad sense. The research is designed to describe the condition of social economy institutions in terms of their financial and human resources, the scope and significance of their activities, development dynamics and organisational culture. This information will in turn help to determine the health, dynamics, trends and conditions of social economy development in Poland. Quantitative research will be conducted on a sample of 2,000 social economy institutions – twice in the course of the project, as well as qualitative research on 50 selected social economy ventures including an in-depth research into the local context of 10 selected ventures. This research will help determine the most important conditions for the development of social economy ventures at the local level.
We are also interested in researching the legal, financial, institutional and social environment of these entities and in collecting data regarding their relation with other sectors. In this context it is very important to describe the relations between the central and self-government administrations, and the non-governmental organisations, with a special focus on co-operation in the field of social services and the labour market.
Detailed information: Marta Gumkowska, Research Team of the Klon/Jawor Association www.klon.org.pl

The Project is supported by the European Social Fund under the EQUAL Initiative of the European Union.